West Sussex has a record number of companies

News at Astons | 31/01/2016

Business software company Inform Direct found there were 6,136 new companies formed in West Sussex in 2015 - bringing the total number to 47,267.

This is up 5.7 per cent on 2014 where there were a total of 44,733 firms at the end of the year.

However, in terms of the number of companies formed in a single year, 2014 still holds the record with 6,279 registered.

Henry Catchpole, managing director of Inform Direct said, “Our dynamic economy and business-friendly environment are the reasons there is a ‘Great’ in Great Britain.

“All around the world, governments are spending time and money to figure out the best way to foster an entrepreneurial culture that helps boost the economy.

“But here in the UK, our politicians can nurture this business mentality that has established itself organically.

“Of course London has always stormed ahead in business but our figures from 2015 demonstrate that the rest of the UK is also displaying a growing confidence in entrepreneurialism.

“West Sussex has had a very good year – although not quite as good as 2014.”

Of those companies registered in West Sussex, 1,260 were in Horsham, 1,236 were in Mid Sussex, 925 in Chichester, 803 in Worthing and 780 in Crawley.


A further 708 were registered in Arun and 424 in Adur.