Discreet Marketing

If you are considering a move, but do not want your home launched into the market-place via the internet, or through local newspaper advertising, then you may wish to consider our discreet marketing option.

Put simply, we will look to notify you of any fully qualified applicants that register with our team, who we believe would be interested in potentially purchasing your home, and then organise a convenient time and day for a staff member to accompany the viewing.

You may have noticed that Astons occasionally place a house straight onto the market as under offer, and perhaps you have wondered how this could happen – The answer is that we have a list of applicants registered with us that we contact as and when a suitable discreetly marketed property becomes available.

If you wish to be notified of a house that is currently being discreetly marketed, please register with our office, to make sure that you will be notified of any suitable houses, and not miss out!